This is (Humm) us


Our Story

At, JUST HUMMUS, we LOVE hummus.  We love hummus so much we've dedicated hundreds of hours researching the best ingredients, proper soaking techniques, mixing ratios, consistency and taste.  We've scoured every amazing (and some not so amazing) Hummus Shop for a year, in Israel, to find the tastiest hummus in the entire world. 

Since returning we have made it our mission to bring seasonally inspired, freshly made hummus to the local community to spread, dip or devour.     


Our Brand 

If it isn't clear already, we are doing things differently than the big hummus companies out there.  We don't have words like "Cold Pressed" "Organic" "Flavorful" all over our labels and brand.  We make our hummus by hand, twice a week in Boston.  We pick all of our ingredients by hand and ensure the highest quality before we add it into our hummus.  We don't think we need to convince you with a website telling you how fresh our hummus is... we will bring you some!  You can judge it for yourself.   

All of our focus and attention is on our hummus...  no salsas, cheese dips or fruit drinks... JUST HUMMUS.  We make our hummus twice a week,  Source local vegetables (whenever possible), soak our dry chickpeas for 20 hours, boil for 2 hours, and mix with a "secret" recipe of fresh lemons, fresh garlic, tahini and spices.  It's simple.